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About Us

Indian food is a big part of our heritage and at the center of this lies the Indian Kitchen. This is the most visited place in any household where the home maker spends most of the time. Most of the Kitchen appliance companies, these days use the material which is copied, either from the US or European world who were the pioneers in most modern kitchen appliances but most of these contemporaries, forget the basic fact that Indian Kitchen is different and it needs different kind of quality and standards. Indian households, have unique eating and cooking habits like usage of excessive oil in the kitchens, use of spices, different cuisines and different kind of cooking processes, hence the product which is best for the US and European market might not be the best one for Indian households.

With the aim to ensure that the needs of the Indian consumers are met, we have formulated Femerell Appliances Pvt. Ltd. We are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of Kitchen appliances. We have utmost focus on quality and safety of use and ensure that each of the products, that we manufacture, not only meets the Indian needs but also meets the international standards in terms of quality, functionality, adaptability, durability and safety. The effective use of quality raw materials, modern equipment and advanced technologies allows us to keep a constant check on the quality feature of our products.

Indian culture is all about re-usability and not about use and throw. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that all our products are most durable and our modern infrastructure facilities comprising of technically advanced range of production machinery equipment and effective use of innovative production techniques enables us to successfully meet the varied needs of our clients. We have the state of the art machinery coupled with advanced techniques to ensure that there is not even minimum wastage but also ensures that the products are manufactured without causing any harm to our environment.

The effective use of advanced technologies in our production processes and services of experienced professionals assist us in understanding the specific requirements of our clients and offering them customized product designing and development facilities that meet their exact needs